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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  January 9, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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this is one of the mildest mornings we have seen in a while. and speaking of 22, 7:22 is our sunrise time. today we will see some sunshine and we may see some snow melt which hasn't been able to help, since the snow, fell, on thursday. so, we're not showing any precipitation right now. we have increasing sunshine today and yeah, 42 degrees. >> wow. >> that is i think christmas we have been in the 40's, so it business time we will get a little bit back to normal that is what we have going on for today. seven day forecast is coming up bob kelly. >> i got my sun tan lotion ready to go, 42. good morning, everybody. here's a great example of what we are dealing with this morning, i call it white knuckle driving because you really don't know. is there so much salt down on the roadway you hepp everything that is wet on the major roadway is just that wet but look at temperatures still below freezing, coming off the overnight. some of the on and off ramps
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you have to use with caution. here's a live look at 95 through construction zone at route 413 all bridges looking good they are wet, they have been throwing down a ton of salt on all bridges overnight so we're okay there looking live at the benny. lets go up to the neighborhood , county line road right here again it looks wet but is there the possibility of black ice, every where, this morning. so really use some caution especially these first stop signs, on and off ramps, live look at i-95 rolling southbound through city and so far so good on mass transit, karen and thomas back to you. thanks very much. so happening right now we will see, as you step outside, slip down the steps, we will have a lot of ice out there on the steps, sidewalks and streets. lets hop over to new jersey right now where steve is, steve, where is it, where are you and what is it like. >> reporter: first of all i'm a blooper tape waiting to happen, i know that now so feel free to make fun of me
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when i fall live on tv which i will try not to do. normally we will tell to you dress in layers, dress in three extra layers because you will fall he and when you fall with these extra layers it will serve as padding so it won't hurt as back on the back of the head. dress like you are in the roller derby match, all right, we're on haddon avenue knew, i would say that is a main drag and we're on the corner of soy avenue, right by the westmont high speed line station, a heavy trafficked area for morning commuters. i have my photographer safely in the softer snow which i recommended last night and notice on the sidewalk, lots of footprints next to the sidewalk, in the glazed over snow, which is a little softer because it warmed up a bit to the upper 20's here. but this sidewalk, which i will demonstrate for you, this is the falling part, it is slopes you cannot, you have to walk like you are the robot on lost in space.
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you move your fingers. they say walk like a penguin or duck, now this was shoveled , that is the problem. you get credit for clearing your sidewalk but now it is more dangerous, it is almost better if you didn't clear your sidewalk, streets are pretty rough too. i drove in cinnaminson my car spun around going 3 miles an hour. by the way normally you hold on to anything that is near to catch your fall. look at poles here. this is a sheet of ice. you will not get a good grab on this we are right around the corner from mcmilans, but the whole town where mcmilans is a glazed doughnut or where ever you walk or drive. here's the snow. it has a glaze on it but you can sink in, this is not rock hard anymore but you can hear the crunching so it it is crunchy snow so haddon avenue knew is rough go here because this is a sheet of ice. that is a guarantee fall in the handicapped ramp area
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there where it slopes down but thinks a main sidewalk, and there is business district, and boy, we're right across from all stay, and i would say , where you walk today at least until sun comes up and maybe stuff starts to melt. just be prepared, and again, grab that thick george costanz a puffy coat so when you fall you will bounce backup and not get hurt as bad . it is awesome, thanks, steve, appreciate it. show you the struggle some people will have heading outside this morning when you go scrape. what, tires have disappeared in the ice, right there? frozen in place because they had a water main break, which flooded streets in port richmond. neighbors say some cars have been stuck there for more than a week and then freezing rain just pounded their trouble. >> number of people going through it. montgomery county nursing home residents waking up in a new
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facility this morning after being forced to evacuate this happening at fair view care center, in glenside on paper mill road after a pipe burst in the facility's basement. the facility is home to more than 100 residents, no word when pipe will be fixed or when residents will be able to return back to the original nursing home. i was sitting next to him thursday night, 13 hours later i'm at the hospital with him. >> so many will be coming, friends, family, still reeling from the tragic death of the fire lieutenant matt latourneau while fight ago this fire in north philadelphia over weekend. >> governor tom wolf ordered flags to fly at half staff to remember the fallen fire fighter that includes all flags on the capitol complex, and all commonwealth buildings in philadelphia, flags at city hall have been lowered. also, we are learning the philadelphia fire department announced services for lieutenant latourneau pay your respects at two public viewing s at cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul,
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first is thursday from 4:30 in the evening until 9:00. second is friday morning at 9:00, followed by funeral mass at 11:00. of course, thousands of first responders from across the country will pay their respects to lieutenant latourneau. >> one of the great things about fire departments they come together and stand together but then get right back to the firehouse and get ready for next emergency with little time to deal with enormous local. local to 22 president ed marks say that is why they will be at that funeral, retired battalion chief michael yeager knows that firsthand he still suffers from the post traumatic stress of 13 line of duty deaths over the course of his career. >> just keep going over it, what if, how come, and why didn't i and all of those other things thaw cannot control anyway. >> so, the fire department pier support team they are in the professional counselors but they serve as that bridge between talking it out are out and get something one that
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professional treatment they need. septa police officer will be back on the beat this morning for first time since he was nearly killed in the hit and run. our lauren johnson joining us from frankford station. it has been a long road. good morning to you, lauren. >> reporter: good morning. suit up, get ready to come back to work is what gary miller will do this morning here at frankford transportation center. he is off the job since brutal hit and run recovering and on the mend but today he will be back to work here at 7:00, 18 months ago he was hit, left for dead, he and his wife were on a run in mayfair when they were on rowland avenue. he wases hit by a speeding driver who simply took off. million ever suffered a broken collar bone concussion and broken legs in several places. it was life changing but not enough to give up his will to live and a strong support system helped him stay the course. >> we're going to go through things in this life that is not pleasant so it is how we respond to that, you know, she has been by my side, these
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girls have been by my side, my son just went back to the air force a couple days ago i drove him to the airport, my other sonnies working now. i have a strong support but the support, strongest support is through my lord and savior christ jesus. >> reporter: miller spent months in rehab and he has been running to heel taking home a few medals along the way. he is ready to get back to work to protect passengers and to put this accident behind him, actually just a few weeks after the crash police arrested a 35 year-old man responsible for hitting miller and for those life changing injuries. he and his wife, both admit thomas and karen they have forgiven that driver. >> they are just remarkable on so many different ways. can't wait to meet him through you this morning. thank you. 4:08. three teenage boys recovering after being stabbed near a fight near their school it broke out between a bunch of kid at 2:00 in the lawncrest section right there
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at the scene there rising sun, 5700 block, it ended with a 15 year-old and two, 19 year-olds being stabbed in the lower back and they are being treated at the hospital. it has been one week since a university of pennsylvania student went missing in southern california and there is still no sign of the 19 year-old. rescue teams have ended their search in the are range county park for blaze bernstein after they did not find any clues. sophomore was spending winter break with his family at their lake forest home when he disappeared last tuesday. bernstein left around midnight from his home to mid a friend from social media at the park. that friend tells police bern stein walk off in the wood and never return. teen's parents are holding out hope. >> if you heel me it is okay to come home, we love you. >> blaze, come home, whatever you are, whatever happened we just want you here, find a way home. >> bernstein's mother says her son left home without his wallet, eye glasses and
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prescription medication. premedical student was scheduled to restart classes at penn tomorrow. over in new jersey governor chris christie is preparing to deliver his final state of the state address today, the republican governor will highlight his administration's accomplishments during his two terms in office. christie will be turning over state government control to democratic governor elect phil movie hoy takes office one week from today. parishioners at burlington county church are shock after their pastor leaves, suddenly under a cloud of allegations about misconduct. this bishop of st. paul evangelical lutheran church in hainesport tells fox 29 that the long time pastor david joost agreed to a retire after he admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with the female parishioners. many learned of his departure at services on sunday. >> a number of weeks ago i was tell about a credible complaint their pastor engaged in an inappropriate
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relationship with an adult married woman who is a member of this congregation who is not his wife. >> bishop said she also got additional reports about the pastor, ranging from unwanted advance toss inappropriate behavior. time right now 4:11. alabama/georgia if you didn't stay up for last night's college football national championship you missed an amazing come back. >> fires for the end zone. >> alabama crimson tide wins again after a thriller in atlanta, university of georgia up 13 to nothing in the half but nick saban made a quarterback change and rest was history here. crimson tide able to rally back to win 26-23, thanks to freshman connecting on a long pass. it was a local connection in this game georgia freshman running back deandre swift fridays philadelphia, went to
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st. joes prep, he had four carries for 15-yard and two catches for 17-yard. coming up next on "good day philadelphia", a south jersey housings up in fire. >> it was hard when fire fighters pulled up to the scene one of their own realized lived inside. more on that blaze straight ahead. bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning everybody. it is tuesday, 4:12. live look at 42 freeway. road are still wet, possibility have black ice, every where as we open up front doors and say good morning, to reading pennsylvania, waking up, traffic jamz get you going don't stop believing the temperatures will get above freezing, sueby has forecast when we come right back.
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all right. every day is a good day at the beach. that is a beach, folks in the freezing cold, fun out there, we have a guy ice skating on a beach, up in maine, that is so cool, just froze over when water came up. couple walking on the beach saw that and they shared that, everybody talking bit. >> i had to say how cool would that be, look at that view ice skating although i do prefer warm sand. >> yes, hot sand as opposed to cold sand. >> we will get there eventually. sue serio, the good news is we will feel a warm up. >> a little bit. back to normal temperatures this time of the year but
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first we have to get through this morning. when we have temperatures in the 20's, so below zero -- below freezing temperatures, in, we're not below zero anymore. this means we will get that glaze of ice on any untreated surface and you have to watch where you are walking. walk very beginningerly, over to where we worked this morning. sidewalks, parking lots will be particularly dangerous. a lot of the main roadways have been treated but might be walking around is your biggest challenge to day. good news after this morning we will be below the jet stream south of the jet stream and that means we have slightly milder air heading our way, air that is more normal for this time of the year. so yesterday frontal system has come through with all of the havoc that it wreaked with all of the ice, yesterday in the afternoon, and all of mixture of precipitation so now we have a chance to dry out for a couple days, anyway. 27 degrees in philadelphia, wilmington. thirty-seven in dover.
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twenty-nine in mount pocono. it is 36 in wildwood. these places where it is above freezing we don't have to worry about the black ice but look at philadelphia and wilmington in the north and west, that is where we may get some trouble. we have areas of fog this morning, lancaster two and a half mile visibility. quarter mile in wilmington. 2 miles in millville, new jersey. other places could develop that if you go if that warm air goes over that snow pack and gives us fog. we did manage to inch above freezing yesterday with a high of 33 degrees. today, 42, tomorrow 39, and then, on thursday, we are up to 49 degrees and 59 on friday , trade off on friday is a chance of rain, and saturday we will get that rain probably lingering in to the morning hours, and we will get to a early high of 53 and then starts to get cold that blast of arctic air may move in during the game, on saturday, look at difference between
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saturday's high and sunday from 53, to 29, now we like the number 29, but in the when it is the temperature, maybe flip it around and make it 92. wouldn't that be great. >> 4:18. good morning, recovery day live look at the blue route 476 right here near schuylkill expressway and you are nervous driving in this morning, you know it looks wet, but you never necessity, because you look as we dropped a couple degrees in the last few minutes. so anything that looks wet, kind of go with the intent it could be blackizes specially at bottom of the on and off ramps, neighborhoods, any of the streets not treated fit looks wet it could be icy. here's a live look at the work zone 202 right here near boot road we saw yesterday where there is no shoulder that tight squeeze your tires pick up that slush and that could cause an accident. here's a live look at torresdale avenue in the neighborhood again you make those left or right turns we saw steve point out chunky ice
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, over there in moorestown as you try to cross the street , little won going back to school hopefully this morning maybe on a delay maybe not, live look at 295 in south jersey, again, the on and off ramps where they have been less traveled through the overnight, we're trailblazers, first ones out there and it could be icy n mount laurel new jersey that water main break from the other day still blocking hartford road right here at union mill and mass transit everybody off to a good start. one regional rail line, the war minister line where that first train is running with a delay this morning, karen and thomas back to you. developing right new sources say special counsel robert muhler considering interviewing president trump as part of his investigation and interview with the president, has come up before between musclier's team and president's lawyers but they have not work out details. president's team say they are expecting mule tore ask for a interview to wrap up his
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investigation in the claims that the trump administration includedded with russia during the election. this is a really strange one bad reaction to medication being blamed for disappearance of the texas sports reporter over the weekend. on saturday courtney rowland messaged a roommate that a strange man was following her and then she missed a scheduled meeting. they found her yesterday walking near a shopping mall in houston. police say it looks like she had a severe reaction to medication and became dis oriented and confused. caught on camera a man uses a crowbar to steel from a atm in southwest philadelphia. this is at george smith towing company on south 61st street do you see the guy pull up, walks over to the cash machine and pry is it opened. he got away with $5,000. it happened in the early morning of christmas eve. they are still searching for that atm thief. in new jersey kay uses at hoboken rail terminal. police say a person jumped in the police suv and drove right through terminal doors during yesterday morning's commute no
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one was hurt but station is pretty damaged. police have someone in cuss todd toy try to figure out why that person dit. they have not released a person's name. south jersey community coming together to help a fire fighter who who her home in the fire. williamstown fire fighter donna and her parents and brother trying rebuild their lives after that a fire broke out at their own house on sunday morning. it destroyed it. this is third year fire fighter and she's known forgiving her all every single day to protect her community. now her fellow fire fighters want to give back and they are collecting donations and gift card. >> one of us goes down we all go down and we all need to pitch in, help and make sure that the person who is in crisis at that time really gets our full support and those there and this is truly a second family. >> so they are all coming together. we have put some information right on our web site at fox still ahead can you imagine waking up rich. >> rich in love, right. >> several lucky winners in
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new jersey whose wallets where to get a whole lot bigger where winning tickets were sold, right after the break.
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good morning i'm kristin rodgers. the eagles are two an a half point under dogs to the falcons this weekend but they like that chip on their shoulder. they say it add fuel to their fire when they take the field. >> we have been a under dog and our last game ever since, 11 went down and we just found
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a way to win. regardless whether it is offense, defense helping owe even if or special teams coming to play. as far as that goes we will play our type of football. >> eagles may be busy prepping for falcons but that does not mean they didn't have time to give back. players went over to chop on monday afternoon to play bingo with the kid and their families. former penn state quarterback gary collins was made to the 2018 college football hall of fame on monday, collins led lions to an undefeated season and rose bowl title back in 1994. joining collins former temple running back paul palmer runner up for 1986 heisman trophy, first temple player to make it in the hall of fame for his play on the field. that is sports in a minute. i'm kristin rodgers. >> kristin, thank you. once again alabama pulled off an amazing come back in the college football national championship, crimson tide they are champs again after this thriller in atlanta university of georgia was up 13 to nothing at half time,
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and then tide makes a qb change anal bam a was back winning in overtime 26-23. probably going to be slipping, sliding heading out the door. >> it is brutal. >> coming up in 90 seconds we are tracking slippery conditions after that wintry mix certainly leaves its mark in our area, bob kelly. >> in the only sidewalks, but roadways fit looks wet it could be icy. here's the benny. rehoboth beach, good morning to you, waking up to you on a tuesday morning sueby has your forecast we will grab a cup of coffee and check your lottery numbers. here we go.
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that is likely black ice, grab that rock salt, we have some warm up on the way but it ain't here yet so it will be a rough commute. also ahead back to work after being in recovery for 18 months, septa police officer ready to put on that back after a horrific accident in 2016. we keep trying but it is a struggle and new a new drug that promises to cut the fat, here's the best part. >> yes. >> they say, they say it is
4:30 am
possible to do that without crushing your appetite. >> pop a pill shrinks your fat and don't change your diet? there is a catch. >> this has to be. >> thomas drayton, thomas hepp , bob kelly, sue serio, great to have you with us. >> yes, it is. >> you know what is so strange this morning we have to walk on the snow, just to stay safe out there it is so icy. >> that is right. >> lets check the road. >> and even the snow, the glaze over it, it looks like a mirror in my neighborhood looking at lawns this morning, got to be careful this morning but look at the numbers we have for you today, i think we will like it. so nice later on, we will get in the 40's. it is a eight out of ten. bus stop buddy still has his coat on, gloves, and we are, still, in a case of, below freezing temperatures but it is not as cold as it was. we have reduced visibilities,
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in lancaster, wilmington and millville, new jersey. so some fog could becoming your way as well. we have warm air moving over that snow pack and that is what is happening with that. 27 degrees, it is mildest morning we have seen in quite a while, feels like 22, sunrise at 7:22. all precipitation from yesterday and mess it made, it is still here but precipitation is gone. forty-two back to normal high this time of the year, pretty normal sunset time 4:54. 101.1 more fm we will have your forecast there all morning long, so in case, bob kelly, you forgot what i just said you get that remind's long with the great music on 101.1. >> are you insinuating that i did not pay attention. >> no, i'm the one who does not pay attention. >> good morning everybody. 4:31. we have a live look at the schuylkill expressway near vare avenue as thomas said you want to walk on the snow to get traction almost like white
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knuckle driving. we are driving in. it looks wet. but you are really unsure as to whether it is wet or it is black ice but there has been a ton of salt put down, so hopefully the majors are okay. it is on and off ramps, side streets untreated road, here's 295 in south jersey, on and off ramps could be tricky, looking out through construction zones as we look live at 202 and boot road in chester county, northeast philadelphia in the neighborhood this is torresdale avenue you can see that chunky ice here, on the sidewalk and on the crosswalk, mass transit, off to a good start just a minor delay on septa's warminster first train out of the gate. back to you. it is not over yet, cold weather causing problems out there. this time as we have been mentioning the icy mess on the roadways and sidewalks. steve keeley is tip towing around in collinswood, new jersey this morning, steve.
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>> reporter: usually bob kelly is as thorough as it gets but my guess, bob, that you got a heated garage because one thing you have not mentioned is before you even drive or take your car anywhere, your car must have been indoors because my carry left outdoors , and as it is encased in ice. look at this ice scraper. it looks like bobby clarke's mouth the old flyers captain missing his team. old ice scrapers cannot hold up to this ice. i was like an artists out there, i was, not exactly chiseling away you know, but here's the railing, you need a chisel. do you see this car completely encased in ice. i don't recommend chiseling away ice but i could not initially pull my door handle. then when i got door handle loose, i could not open the door and then i was like did the rubber come off, the coating inside the door
4:34 am
because it didn't sound good when i got the door opened. now, or intrepid photographer jared will spin around and lot at sidewalk on collinswood in haddon avenue knew. notice the awning, the water will run off when we get above 32. when it runs down, on the sidewalk it refreezing. sue serio you will notice as you talk about that refreezing on the lefties dry sidewalk where no water came off the awning and on the right is a sheet of ice, which is completely treacherous on haddon avenue knew and you can see christmas decorations in the background in the median but again as you said, thomas, walk on snow, and we will have , wet shoes but i'll take wet shoes over a black and blue butt which i will probably have. but it hurts. so you will have multiple falls in this. i recommend a padded. butt cushion like mike jerrick
4:35 am
does i'm sure. >> oh, yeah. >> notice how i'm olding the mike. notice this, with multiple props here. we just didn't go to lens crafters for glasses we went to ice crafters for our ice pick to get through the day but when you fall getting backup the hill you will need some help but ice crafters, do you like that. >> your ice, your ice pick and crance-p.o. ns to walk in the snow. 4:35. here's one of the best stories of morning, wonderful milestone for septa police officer nearly killed in the hit/run. he is a veteran to the septa force and he will be back on the job, lets get out to lauren johnson to meet him and have her explain, good morning , lauren. >> reporter: hey, karen good morning. fourteen years he has been on the police force with septa but for last year he has been on lieutenant duty, answering phone calls, doing dispatch, but he says he is ready for more and today is the day he will return to his post here at frankford transportation
4:36 am
center at 7:00 a.m. miller says only thing he remembers about the incident 18 months ago is waking up, in a hospital bed, he and his wife had gone out for a 10- mile run as he was training for a marathon, she stopped at mile eight, he kept going and when he was near rowland avenue in mayfair he was hit and left for dead. he spent a months in a hospital bed while doctors perform several different surgeries to save his leg, his wife tells us that she was so frustrated because he was getting frustrated being bedridden for so long. her husband cannot sit still. but did he months of rehab. he did a rot of running, training to get back and recover and today he will be back in action protecting passengers here at septa. police arrested the driver a few weeks after the hit and run. that 35 year-old is serving five to 12 years behind bars for that but miller says surprisingly, karen and thomas that he and his wife have forgiven him and they are trying to move on with their
4:37 am
life. >> that is a strong will, good to see him back. lauren, thanks for sharing. we can all agree it has been too cold for far too long we know change is coming but there is a single digit that effects more than your body temperature. i know what this is. i blame it on the weather. you why spend too much money. it has been great season for retailers. >> the weather, um, sue, is that it. >> it worked for me, absolutely. there goes all of our precipitation from yesterday, as we look at our radar loop now here but now that is gone we are left with cold temperatures this morning, but , some welcomed, temperatures for this afternoon, we will talk about how warm it will get to day, it is all relative, coming up in your forecast.
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put a bounce in your step. >> trying to stay upright with all of the ice out there. no matter where you are, you are dealing with some type of conditions i guess this morning whether it is snow or ice. temperatures still below freezing here until we warm up , sue will have your forecast in just a moment. great to have you with us by the way. >> in your money news this explains it all, why i was buying my knock off for vita mix, it is cold weather
4:41 am
that contributed to one of the best holiday shopping seasons in our area new report that shows cold weather induced to us spend more time inside of the warm, shopping centers, also our warm homes, clicking away, retailers sold that winter gear, they have trouble when it is warm outside, you don't need your coat. they got rid of the coats, gloves, hats and our consumer confidence is also up so a boost in sales. could a diet pill that shrinks fat be on the horizon? researchers at university of texas say, they have found a drug that shrinks fat without suppressing appetite. here's the deal, right now it has only worked in obese mice lowering their body weight and cholesterol levels, in dieting here no word when human trials could begin but findings if you want to learn more have been published in bio chemical pharmacology. we have had a number of kid wrappers that have been on our show on good day. we want to introduce to you a different kind, lets take a
4:42 am
look. >> ♪ >> so nine year-old behind this video had a dream of going viral, but not for the reason that you might think.
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4:44 am
couple word we will be using this morning slipping, sliding because we are dealing with some ice conditions out there. >> direct quote, ahh. >> yeah. >> hi there, sue, bob.
4:45 am
>> anything that looks wet could be iced over. i went rent steve keeley a spot in my garage. if you park outside, extra time, forget about warming up the car just icing up the car getting in to the car, 35 miles an hour speed restriction as cross all area bridges as we are zoomed in on the speed limit sign there on the ben franklin bridge n problems, crossing, any bridge but both hand on the wheels south philadelphia coming off passyunk avenue bridge making turn at 26th street on and off ramps. secondary road neighborhood street that first step outside your front door or your driveway is going to be more treacherous then roadways here this morning because they have in the been treated. we are dealing with some fog. sue will explain all that as part of the whole temperature change that is happening here, but in problems on the freeway , coming from south jersey down the shore we will go live look at 47 and 347
4:46 am
where again the major roadways have had a ton of salt dumped on them. it is secondary roads an inside streets that are going to be treacherous this morning out toward the northeast extension for gang up in allentown, no problems, on from allentown all the way down to the mid county interchange, here's a live look montgomery county, county line road right here if you look wet it could be icy. they have put down salt but all it takes is for your tires to pick up a patch of that slush to go spinning. mass transit off to a good start but platforms and steps boarding buses and trains could be slippery this morning when it is all getting out? sue has details in 15 seconds.
4:47 am
so we had to get back to christmas day to find the last time our temperature has reached 40 degrees. it was a high of 40 degrees on christmas day, and last time we have been above 40 was christmas eve, when high was 43 and you might recall that saturday before christmas eve we have got to the high of 61 degrees with rain. that is last time we have seen decent temperatures, on the mild side, for us though, after now that the frontal system has come through and precipitation is over now we can look ahead to slightly milder temperatures or at least normal temperatures but wait until you see the seven day forecast,tories nothing happening right now on radar, nothing to show you in the future cast because we expect a couple days precipitation free, a problem this morning and you heard from been kelly is driving and those icey spots because we are well below freezing in philadelphia with 27 degrees, it is 24 in
4:48 am
wilmington. twenty-nine in mount pocono. twenty-four in reading. our highs in millville, dover air above freezing but we have to watch and these places got all that snow last week. so there are challenging there as well. fog is more of an issue we are seeing more places where there is fog, this situation will get wheres before it gets better, we have got that snow pack on the ground. we have got warm air over it and that is forming some fog, so only half mile visibility in wilmington and many other places. our average high is 40 degrees , we have not been even close to it for days and days and days as we just mentioned well below average over weekend. yesterday we made to it above freezing with 33, today 42, tomorrow 39. forty-nine on thursday, and then high of 59 on friday. there is a trade off because we have a chance of rain as well and that could linger into sat take morning but it does look like we will see things probably dry out in the afternoon by the time we will get to game time battle of the
4:49 am
bird at link at saturday. temperatures will be dropping rapidly. look at difference between saturday and sunday to 53 to a high of 29. we did like that number at fox 29 but not when it is the temperature. >> i like that number on a paycheck. >> in the on the weather board >> yes. >> thanks, sue. big news here, national fraternity new banned from operating in pennsylvania for ten years and must pay 125 you this dollars following a hazing death in 2013 of one of the pledges. this is pi delta si ritual that killed michael dang a student at brute college in insuring. this happened in the poconos, there was a house they rented four men were sentenced yesterday in the case after pleading guilty to the felony charges. we are also learning that pennsylvania's top prosecutor attorney general josh shapiro is taking over criminal case stemming from the death of penn state fraternity pledge timothy piazza after center
4:50 am
county district attorney's office cited a conflict of interest in that case. twenty-six mens of the beta this a pi fraternity are charged in the death after a alcohol fueled party. piazza died after suffering injuries following several falls. maybe third time is charm on this one revel casino in atlantic city has yet another new owner, this is colorado developer who bought revel from glenn straub, the price 200 million-dollar. it almost cost two and a half billion dollars to build and they got it for 200 million. this will reopen with the new name called ocean resort casino, and it comes with 2500 to 3,000 new jobs, that is great, putting people back to work. we could use that. originally it opened in 2012, went bankrupt and now opening up again. still ahead this morning, a little boy with a big dream to get viral.
4:51 am
>> wonderful message he wants to share with the other kid out there we love this one. >> his name is kayoli, he is nine year-old and has a very important message about good grade. he wants to tell everybody to do well in school so they can get a degree because with a degree you have more option ness life. >> a lot of stuff going viral today is the wrong message and the more he is shown around it makes kid think it is okay to do all those things. >> lead by example. speaking of good grade k ollie got his grade back, it is all a's and b's. this is really difficult. everybody thinks they can open a restaurant but it did in the work out for one of the real housewives of new jersey. restaurant owned by teresa gu id ice and her brother joe and it is closing. the problem is joe says he thinks he was duped by the original owner but it is hard
4:52 am
work, reality stars are in the giving up, they are hoping to open a bigger, better restaurant they say in the future. >> stay tune. saturday's pur ball jackpot was hit in port richie , florida there are big winners in our area two tickets, worth one million-dollar were bought in new jersey, one sold in hackensack, other brick, ocean counties. there were nine, $50,000 winners in the garden state so your other winning numbers, again, good luck, 12, 29, 30, 33, 61, the pur ball 26 and the top prize was worth 560 million-dollar, once again that has been claimed. big news for big bowl and other top artist added to the super bowl line up. >> ♪ >> we love her bucks county's own pink, that is right, she announced that she will be performing at the super bowl, more on that coming up.
4:53 am
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why are we showing you this dog? we are talking about carson wentz. we know he will not be on the field this weekend but does not mean he is making a great impact in his community. he has his foundation audience of one foundation ao1 and sponsoring service dogs for k-9s for life. this is swoop, carson named him after our mascot for eagles, little swoop will start training to be a service
4:56 am
dog. >> look at that face. we know justin timberlake will perform at this years half time at the super bowl. >> who will be the national anthem? well, watch. >> ♪ >> i love her. so, she has announce that had she will dot star spangled banner, she will do an amazing job before the big game when they have tonight minneapolis. doylestown native released her album beautiful trum at single what about us is nominated for a grammy. from snow patrol to ice duty, steve keeley is on it this morning. >> i'm in collinswood camden county, you can see the temperature 29 degrees on fox
4:57 am
29 and that is 3 degrees below freezing level is presenting a host of problems, lauren johnson. >> reporter: i can imagine, steve keeley, 18 months after a septa police officer was hit and left for dead he will return here to the frankford transportation center ready to hop back on the trains, and we will tell but his injuries and his recovery after the break. i had this chest cold, but my medicine kept wearing off. (coughah! i missed you! then i discovered mucinex. one pill lasts 12 hours,and i'm good.
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happening right now ice over, get ready to slip and slide heading out the door yesterday 's wintry mix causing for icy conditions, a number of schools either closed or delayed for the second day in the row. >> desperate for answers. >> blaze, come home where ever you, whatever has happened we do not care. >> it hats been a week since university of pennsylvania student disappeared, his parents are turning to the media with the message. what were they thinking closing slammed, h and m facing backlash for an ad that is racially insensitive. ♪ >> forever young and forever in our heart, rod stewart planning a stop to the lehigh valley, "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. rocking and rolling here, it is 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday morning, good to have you with us,


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